FilthyFace024 Presents: FilthyFam Muzik

#FilthyFam Muzik is a Music Production/ Songwriting team based out of Los Angeles/San Francisco, California & Portland, Oregon. #FilthyFam is comprised of #RedDee, #OopzMobbalotti & #FilthyFace024.

Organically influenced by the commands and resonating vibes of Hip-Hop music during the 80s & 90s; the Filthies have been independently involved with their own creation of Hip-Hop music since the mid 90s. Uses of the Roland Groovebox series (i.e., MC303, 505, 808), Juno-G Synth & Yamaha Motif Workstations are the Fams digital instruments of choice when banging out magnetic instrumentals. The Hip-Hop siblings are all running Presonus Studio One as their DAW of choice & utilize the stock virtual instruments and onboard effects (as well as 3rd party plugins) of the host software to summon & manifest creative expression.

Red, Oopz & Face collaborate on song writing & musical ideas that fuses Hip-Hops pristine modern sauce with the lo-fi grime from days of yore. Solo efforts from the Fam reveal natural born talents that prove they’re capable of cooking up standalone beats and lyrics aimed to serve any Hip-Hop enthusiast. #FilthyFam as a unit (as well as individuals) are open to collaboration with all creative persons. Visit the Contact Page to negotiate Exclusive/ Sync Rights, Custom Beat purchases & Possible Collaborations (via email.)